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Low Carbon England 2015: Meeting the Emissions Reduction Targets is a unique conference that will address England's current place in meeting the EU emissions reduction targets. The main focus of the conference is to discuss and identify how public & private sector organisations working together in a joined up collaborative fashion can act as a catalyst to help both towns and cities to continue to lead the way in the transition to developing a Sustainable Low Carbon Economy.

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There is a growing recognition among city leaders in the developed economies that smarter approaches are needed to address the challenges which face society, to improve the efficiency of public service delivery, the sustainability of the urban environment, and the quality of life in our cities. To make a city “smart” consists of adopting a family of technologies that can speed up the flow of things around the city and reduce the physical frustrations of urban life. A free flow of traffic, smarter energy and less waste can all be adopted which will enable public services to target and focus on areas where they are most needed. It is about combining the best of the new generations technologies that can use data, analyse and target whilst involving citizens closely so that they too can shape how a city should work. In the past smart cities failed due to focusing on hardware rather than people, it is imperative to focus on both hardware and people to create a “smart city”.

The Low Carbon England conference will pull together evidence based analysis projects from across Europe and the U.K that will allow public and private sector institutes to learn and share ideas from those leading from the front line. The conference will highlight the up and coming opportunities and projects available for public and private partnerships to be formed while transferring knowledge to make sure we are making the best use of data, energy, assets, buildings, estates and facilities on both a town and city by city basis.

"Public Private Partnerships are VITAL in overcoming challenges and discovering new opportunities"

Low Carbon England 2015: “Meeting the Emissions Reduction Targets " will be an excellent platform for those looking at business development opportunities across towns and cities on a regional and national scale to become part of this inspiring journey.

Supporting the Committee on Climate Change’s 34% Carbon Reduction Target by 2020

Everyone has their part to play and its successful delivery will rely on us all working together. It's not just about us and statutory public agencies - local communities, residents and the business community all have an integral part to play, and many of them have helped in the production of this plan.

It's successful delivery will rely on us all working together, whether that's homeowners, community groups, businesses or public agencies.
We are independent experts on carbon reduction and resource efficiency, who reinvest surpluses from group commercial activities into our mission
Keepmoat is a national market leader in sustainable community regeneration, housing, and planned and responsive repairs to the UK housing industry.
We have a strong and extensive track record in social housing solutions and the financial stability and capability to deliver on a national scale.
We are a £1billion company with over 80 years’ experience in community regeneration and housebuilding, giving us the skills and experience to deliver better value, better quality services, in more areas.
We specialise in creating great places to live, work and play. We aim to create communities, not just buildings, and our work has already touched the lives of millions of people across the UK.
Not only do we build brand new homes and refurbish and maintain existing ones, but we’re experts in educational and public buildings, elderly care and social housing. Our specific areas of expertise include: new build homes, community regeneration, responsive maintenance, retirement solutions and sustainability.
Corporate Information
Case studies
Our regions
Corporate Responsibility
Why Keepmoat
Social Hub
Project map
We specialise in delivering innovative multi-utility metering and monitoring products and services to a variety of industries and end clients. As part of the international Revenco Enterprise Company Ltd. group of companies, data provision, energy metering and monitoring are at the heart of our business.

Our expertise lies in delivering a turnkey metering and monitoring solution to provide accurate and timely metering data to assist in analysing energy consumption and/or generation and helping to reduce energy costs.
We are an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. Through our work, we make a positive difference in the world.
Solaroad Technologies Group, LLC was created to solve the traditional inefficiencies with existing solar products in order to help reduce U.S. and global reliance on fossil fuels and to promote clean tech energy. We target markets including: home / business owners, commercial users, hospitals, schools, construction sites, municipalities, sovereign nations, and emergency or disaster situations.
FVB is headquartered in Sweden, employing more than 100 energy consultants at nine local offices. In Sweden and internationally we are a leading energy consultancy within Heating, Cooling, Combined Heat and Power and Processes. Our offices in Sweden, Canada, the Unites States and Bahrain offer our clients added value through local representation in a globalized market. 

Vision. FVB shall be the leading energy consultancy in Sweden and internationally. 

Mission. Based on cutting-edge competence and manifest personal commitment FVB shall diminish climate impact and contribute to a sustainable society. 

Business concept. FVB is the complete energy consultancy that creates profit for our clients through efficient and environment friendly solutions. 

Through our independence and professional scope we will provide everything needed by the client, from markets analyses and customer communication, by feasibility studies, design and construction management, to commissioning and provide documentation. We will take part in and influence energy industrial research and development, as well as making this type of business more efficient with ever-increasing customer focus. 

Our customers are energy companies, real estate and industry.
CAPITAL ENERGY SAVING is a small but expanding loft and cavity wall insulation company and Electrical Contractor, which specialises in larger blocks of properties and is able to provide all forms of access equipment – from scaffolding and cradles to booms and lifts.
Birmingham has been challenging and developing great minds for more than a century. Characterised by a tradition of innovation, research at the University has broken new ground, pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge and made an impact on people’s lives. We continue this tradition today and have ambitions for a future that will embed our work and recognition of the Birmingham name on the international stage.
Making energy transparent
ista is one of the world's leading companies providing energy services for greater energy efficiency in buildings – especially in apartment buildings and commercial properties. We make individual energy and water consumption transparent.

We help property managers, home owners and tenants all over the world to meter, visualise, bill and manage individual energy and water consumption. Today in 24 countries including China and Russia as well as Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and most European markets.

As a basis for this, we use smart meter components integrated into modern remote collection technologies covering: 

  heat allocation meters,
  water meters,
  heat and cooling meters,
  humidity and temperature meters,
  electricity meters,
  gas meters,
  as well as the relevant installation systems.
Cenex was established in 2005 as the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell technologies.  Today Cenex operates as an independent not-for-profit consultancy specialising in the delivery of projects, supporting innovation and market development, focused on low carbon vehicles and associated energy infrastructure.
techUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow

techUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow. More than 850 companies are members of techUK. Collectively they employ approximately 700,000 people, about half of all tech sector jobs in the UK. These companies range from leading FTSE 100 companies to new innovative start-ups. The majority of our members are small and medium-sized businesses.

techUK is committed to helping its members and the sector grow.
We are committed to the long-term success of every network we create and every community they serve. We design, build and operate district energy networks for communities. We work with local authorities and property developers to reduce costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions.
A district energy network provides a community with a dependable and cost-effective supply of low carbon energy. Energy is generated centrally and may be used in a number of different ways, most commonly converted to heat and pumped through highly insulated pipes to individual properties in the network. Potential energy sources include gas, anaerobic digestion (AD), wind and solar energy, heat recovery from ground and water sources, and energy recaptured from waste heat.
Three brands, one objective - to become even better. Thanks to our uncompromising focus on premium, BMW Group automobiles and motorcycles inspire more people around the world today than ever before.
Urban Foresight is a consulting think tank focused on the smart and sustainable transformation of cities, communities, businesses and industry.
National Energy Action (NEA) is the national charity which aims to eradicate fuel poverty and campaigns for greater investment in energy efficiency to help those who are poor and vulnerable.
At Barts Health, our vision is to change lives. 
We are the largest NHS Trust in the UK serving a population of 2.5 million in east London and beyond. 
Our Trust, established on 1 April 2012, consists of five local hospital sites: Mile End Hospital, The Royal London Hospital, Newham University Hospital, St Bartholomew's Hospital and Whipps Cross University Hospital. Read more about our hospitals.
Barts Health is also proud to be part of UCLPartners, Europe’s largest and strongest academic health science partnership. The objective of UCLPartners is to translate cutting edge research and innovation into measurable health gain for patients and populations through partnership across settings and sectors, and through excellence in education.
HyperCat Consortium is developing a new standard for secure IoT interoperability and creating commercial demonstrators.
Aylesbury Vale covers 350 square miles of leafy, Buckinghamshire countryside and is home to some 181,000 people, making it the third largest district in the country. It's steeped in history, with Aylesbury itself, the county town in the south of the district, dating back to the Bronze Age.

Just 40 miles north west of London and 65 miles south east of Birmingham, the Vale is well served by transport links, including Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted airports, which are all around an hour’s drive away.
LEEF is an Urban Development Fund established through the European Commission’s JESSICA initiative (Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas) which allows funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to be used as investment in revolving financial instruments. LEEF is one of the three UK JESSICA funds managed by Amber Green.
SIEMENS ENERGY MANAGEMENT DIVISION is one of the leading global suppliers of products, systems, solutions, and services for the economical, reliable, and intelligent transmission and distribution of electrical power.
As a leading global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions, Tridonic today empowers its customers and business partners to become more successful by making their lighting smarter, more exciting, and more sustainable. Our component lighting solutions deliver superior quality, highest reliability, and impressive energy savings to provide our customers with a strong competitive edge. 

The company continuously brings new innovations and state-of-the art lighting solutions to market. 95 percent of all R&D projects are devoted to the development of new LED and connected lighting technologies. Thanks to the in-depth expertise and knowhow in vertical lighting applications (for instance in Retail, Office & Education, Outdoor, and Industry), leading luminaire manufacturers, architects, electrical and lighting planners, electrical installers and wholesalers rely on Tridonic for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. 

As part of the Zumtobel Group, Tridonic is headquartered in Dornbirn, Austria, and in fiscal year 2014/15 generated sales of 393.8 million EUR. 1,750 highly skilled employees and a worldwide sales presence in 51 countries reflect Tridonic’s commitment to accelerating the development and deployment of new, smart, and connected lighting applications. With more than 40 million light points installed every year, Tridonic is perfectly positioned to play a decisive role in leveraging lighting as a key enabler and important infrastructure for connected lighting (Internet of Things).
We provide care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. We’ve been carrying out this vital work for over 65 years – last year alone we cared for over 40,000 people across the UK.
Well-designed places function better, use fewer resources, encourage investment and enterprise, engender social interaction and a sense of community and make people happy, healthy and proud. A high quality built environment is essential to the prosperity of all our cities, towns and villages. In the Midlands there is a lot to be proud of in our historic towns and villages and in some excellent new buildings and public spaces. However, in large parts of our cities and towns we face a legacy of post-industrial dereliction, highway domination, disconnected development, dismal architecture, cluttered and poorly-maintained public space. There is a lot of work to do to put this right.
Magno-Flo is the only fuel conditioning unit of its kind to have undergone successful bench-testing by The Bolton Institute. In Rolling Road trials, the test vehicle demonstrated a significant increase in engine torque.
Our device has also been trialled and tested by Ford Motor Company, resulting in Ford’s entire Dagenham and Southampton LGV delivery fleet being fitted with the Magno-Flo Truck Unit.

More recently, extensive engine oil analysis has been successfully completed by the British Coal Laboratories on behalf of, Terex UK Ltd. Those laboratory tests proved categorically, without any question of doubt, that use of the Magno-Flo device produces amazing results.

No other fuel conditioning unit, or alleged fuel saving device, has ever been subjected to such rigorous testing or achieved the standard of credibility that the Magno-Flo unit
ENGERATI is a central destination for delegates from leading global energy events to network, collaborate, share and engage.
DJO ECO - Established February 2013 as a consultancy business to work within all aspects of the renewables industry.
SmarterUK is a new techUK initiative launched to act as the national champion for smart infrastructure development. It is the only initiative to do so in the UK, promoting a market widely considered to be worth trillions globally.
SmarterUK’s membership is committed to fostering better understanding of the economic and societal benefits that smart infrastructure can deliver to UK plc and its citizens.  It will work closely with key stakeholders to promote a policy and regulatory environment that stimulates its development. It will also bring together the complex and emerging smart infrastructure value chain to address challenges facing its development.
BSRIA is a test, instruments, research and consultancy organisation, providing specialist services in construction and building services.

As a non-profit distributing, member-based association, clients can be assured of our independent approach and authoritative reputation. Any profits made are invested in our on-going research programme, producing industry recognised best practice guidance.
A USD 16.5 billion multinational group based in Mumbai, India, Mahindra provides employment opportunities to over 200,000 people in over 100 countries. Mahindra operates in the key industries that drive economic growth, enjoying a leadership position in tractors, utility vehicles, information technology, financial services  and vacation ownership. In addition, Mahindra enjoys a strong presence in the agribusiness, aerospace, components, consulting services, defence, energy, industrial equipment, logistics, real estate, retail, steel, commercial and two wheeler industries.

In 2014, Mahindra featured on the Forbes Global 2000, a comprehensive listing of the world’s largest, most powerful public companies, as measured by revenue, profit, assets and market value. The Mahindra Group also received the Financial Times ‘Boldness in Business’ Award in the ‘Emerging Markets’ category in 2013.
The REA was established in 2001 as a not-for-profit trade association, representing British renewable energy producers and promoting the use of renewable energy in the UK. The REA helps its members build commercially and environmentally sustainable businesses whilst increasing the contribution of renewable energy to the UK’s electricity, heat, transport and green gas needs.
The Carbon and Energy Fund is now a £300M+ fund that is the natural successor to the NHS Energy and Sustainability fund.

The CEF exists to fund and support projects in the NHS that meet a certain level of carbon savings per £1000 of investment required.
The EAUC is a strong alliance of universities and colleges, sector bodies and commercial organisations, working together both in the UK and internationally. We stand strong individually, but we make a far stronger impact when we work together. Education has a huge role to play but we need to drive next generation leadership to address next generation sustainability. We need to look wider, internationally, globally, to business and to the next leaders: students.

The EAUC is a not for profit Member based charity run by Members for Members. We are financed by subscriptions and service generated revenue which funds our work of representing and promoting the interests of Members and the provision of support services to drive sustainability to the heart of tertiary education across the UK and internationally.
We are the sustainability adviser for leaders of the West Midlands

Sustainability West Midlands is the sustainability champion for the West Midlands as designated by government.

We are a not-for-profit company that works with our members in the business, public and voluntary sectors. Our role is to act as a catalyst for change through our advice to leaders, to develop practical solutions with our members and share success through our communications.

Our board is private sector led with cross-sector representation; and is supported by our team of staff and associates. We are the founders of and work collectively with Climate UK who provide a national good practice network of similar organisations.

Our customers like our independence, our role as a hub of cross-sector good practice networks, and our drive to deliver a clear vision to create a better West  Midlands.

In addition to the valuable time, expertise, and event hosting of our many members, we are also grateful for a range of financial investors that enable us to mobilize this priceless resource. Find out how we can make your current strategic or corporate responsibility investment go further.
The UK Green Investment Bank is the first bank of its type in the world. We were created by the UK Government, our sole Shareholder, and capitalised with an initial £3.8bn of public funds. We use this finance to back green projects on commercial terms and mobilise other private sector capital into the UK’s green economy.
As the leading energy company in the UK, British Gas is ideally placed to provide our customers with innovative solutions using the most appropriate technology and applying best practice design principles to help customers reduce heating costs and carbon emissions.
Our Energy Efficiency teams focus on achieving these goals with specialism’s in renewable heat, district heating systems, hard-to-treat insulation and the delivery of ECO funded schemes.
Passion and professionalism ensures a successful delivery, and our commitment to ongoing customer care means that customers enjoy the benefits of efficient and affordable low carbon solutions for years to come.
Fusion21 is the social enterprise that provides leading procurement and regeneration services.

We are an award winning social enterprise who have gained national recognition for our collaborative approach with our members ; delivering c£125m savings through the procurement process, creating nearly 2000 jobs, and generating an estimated social value financial benefit in excess of £56m. 

We provide a wide range of procurement services and procurement frameworks that can meet the unique requirements of public sector organisations, large scale organisations and the third sector.

Accessing Fusion21 frameworks has enabled our members to deliver significant efficiencies in the procurement process whilst delivering cashable savings.

Fusion21 also enables our members to demonstrate the social impact of their procurement projects through our frameworks. We work to deliver social value on behalf of our members in the communities they work in.

We work by collaborating with public sector, residents, local agencies, contractors and suppliers to deliver a wide range of programmes, skills training courses and commissioned consultancy projects.

Fusion21 is an innovative social enterprise and is a part of the Social Economy Alliance; a new partnership of the largest social enterprises in the UK whose collective aim is to grow the impact of the social economy.

We aim to do this by continuing to leverage procurement investment made by the public sector and ensure social value is delivered across the country. Social Enterprise is a solution to ensure that local people can be supported at the same time that services are delivered to the sector.

Social enterprises like Fusion21 continue to have the highest concentration in the areas of greatest deprivation – three times the proportion of SME’s (12%) – creating jobs and contributing to the economy where it is needed most.
Metropolitan provides utility and energy infrastructure for new developments, offering an innovative and competitive alternative to the traditional utility companies. By 2016, all new homes in the UK must be sustainable. This means homes need zero-carbon energy, reduced use of water and be connected to a superfast broadband network.
Since 1872, we are Wilo have been turning visionary ideas into intelligent solutions that regularly set new standards in the industry.
Gekko Dryers has over 30 years experience in the washroom sector, let us show you why over 10,000 customer have chosen us. We offer a comprehensive range of High Speed Hand Dryers to suit any washroom application.

Installing a Gekko Dryer will increase the health and hygiene of any washroom, whilst significantly reducing the running cost and CO2 emissions. High speed motors use as little as 500W, combined with a reduced drying time of 10 seconds, this creates a saving of 83% on electricity costs.

Choosing Gekko Dryers Saves Time, Money & Electricity
Investment of up to £10 million in collaborative R&D projects to support various industries that make up a Smart City including - but not limited to - Transport, Healthcare and Energy and create an environment for innovative collaboration.
Smart Systems to drive sustainable performance.

Flexeye can optimize quality, improve performance, maintain compliance or reduce risks of your business operations, processes and assets including people.

Recognized by Gartner as a ‘Cool Vendor 2014’ for IoT and in Asia Pacific, Flexeye is labelled as the ‘One to Watch’ in the report ‘Market Trends: Digital Business Opportunities in Smart Cities Need IoT Foundations’ Gartner, July 2014.

Flexeye is the lead partner of the HyperCat Consortium 2014, a UK Government programme that has received £8m funding.

The HyperCat Consortium is driving secure and interoperable IoT for Industry and building specifications that allow IoT clients to discover publicly available or shared data on an IoT server to build applications and business models. The specs have been agreed by 50 leading IoT companies.

Flexeye was also the lead partner of the EyeHub Consortium 2013, a group of companies driving IoT innovation in the UK, aiming to become an open zone for IoT experimentation and innovation to address some of the key IoT potential for industry, including ecosystem development, business models, interoperability, data availability, trust and cost.

Flexeye has achieved techUK’s Business Professional Certificate. It works with 10% of the FTSE100 companies and other enterprises. It has an impressive partnership track with many SMEs and large enterprises.
Cofely District Energy is a specialist company of Cofely and is the UK’s largest district energy company, providing district energy solutions to users in public, commercial, industrial and residential sectors.
With over 25 years experience, Cofely District Energy has the expertise to provide a comprehensive turnkey service for District Energy, encompassing:

Initial feasibility/financial viability studies
Provision of finance for projects
System design
Installation and commissioning
Project management of associated works
Ongoing operation and maintenance
Contract energy management including utilities procurement
We are also one of the few UK-based companies to offer true Tri-generation experience, delivering low cost, highly efficient air conditioning and comfort cooling alongside heat and power generation.

Crucially, Cofely District Energy is independent of all equipment manufacturers and is free to offer the best technical and financial solution for each project.

Cofely District Energy operates some of the largest and most technically demanding District Energy schemes in the UK and are currently saving over 65,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, compared to traditional non-centralised systems.
Salix Finance delivers 100% interest-free capital to the public sector to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions.
Pure Leapfrog is a business led charity that is the leading social investment provider within the community energy sector. We provide low cost finance to UK projects, drawing on a credit facility from Big Society Capital. We also support international carbon reduction projects via carbon offsetting.
We introduce affordable professional expertise, provided through our network of lawyers, accountants and other professional service providers.
Pure Leapfrog (charity no. 1112249) was formed from a merger in 2013 of two charities, Pure the Clean Planet Trust and Carbon Leapfrog, who each shared a vision of reducing climate change by supporting community led low carbon projects.
The Association for Decentralised Energy is the leading advocate of an integrated approach to delivering energy locally, designed around the needs of the user.

As an industry leader, the ADE brings together interested parties from across the sector to develop a strong, dynamic and sustainable environment for combined heat and power, district heating and cooling technologies and demand side energy services.
APSE's bespoke Local Authority Energy Collaboration is a partnership developed by our member authorities which looks to leverage and maximise the opportunities afforded to local authorities by working together on a national scale in the green energy agenda.
With funding from the Department for Transport, we work with organisations across a range of sectors, providing expert assessment of fleet vehicles and sustainable business transport processes to help organisations make financial and environmental savings.
Community Energy England was established in May 2014 as a not for profit organisation, set up to provide a voice for the community energy sector and help create the conditions within which community energy can flourish. We have a founding board drawn from a core team of community energy practitioners that have been consulting with the sector for the last year to bring CEE to reality.
The team behind SmartKlub provide a wealth of experience in the distributed energy sector. And it’s from their own first-hand experience in the industry that SmartKlub was conceived.

They noticed that, despite cities and authorities across the UK looking for alternative ways to meet their unique energy needs in a way that benefits citizens and communities, the market was failing to provide integrated community energy projects.

Backed by funding from E.ON, and commitment from Siemens, SmartKlub was created to meet this need.
The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is a non-profit research and education organisation supported by its members. Founded in Chicago in 1936, the institute now has over 36,000 members in 75 countries worldwide, representing the entire spectrum of land use and real estate development disciplines, working in private enterprise and public service.

ULI has been active in Europe since the early 1990s and today we have over 2,000 members across 27 different countries. We have a particularly strong presence in the major European real estate markets of UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands but are also active in emerging markets such as Turkey and Poland.
LEEF is funded by the Mayor’s London Green Fund with match funding from RBS, and is the first dedicated Energy Efficiency fund of its type in the UK. The Amber Green consortium was appointed to manage LEEF by the European Investment Bank (EIB) on behalf of the Greater London Authority.
Manchester: A Certain Future is our city’s recognition and understanding of climate change. It’s our commitment to make a collective effort to respond in the only way Manchester knows – with passion, commitment, and in a way that enables everyone to participate. This website, hosted by Platform, is where you will find progress updates, information on our Stakeholder Steering Group and links to publications, downloads and upcoming events.
The GMCA is made up of the ten Greater Manchester councils who work with other local services to improve the city-region.
We are Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate change, consisting of dynamic companies, the best academic institutions and the public sector.

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